Saturday, November 20, 2010

Franti Hi 5

Sooooo, we caught the Michael Franti & Spearhead "Sound of Sunshine" Tour Finale show at Chico State a few nights ago. Unreal....

Not only do Franti's words and music reach out to folks all around the world,...but he himself actually gets down in the trenches with folks & reaches out, personally.

That's some Grassroots $tuff right there.

He's got my respect.

Oh,,,,,and his music is damn good too

Here's a sneak peek from the show....if you're all as lucky as I'd like you to be, there will be a more polished video edit coming soon....

Oh what? recognize him? Yeah, he's Big Time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Surf EXPO!!!

Sacramento International Airport, on my way to Orlando FL for Surf Expo and MasterCraft filming.

Never thought water skiing would bring me this far....ever.

So I'd like to take a moment, and pay one of the greats from the past....the past that built this present....this modern day collection of water sports that brings good people together, all around the Earth.

Carl "The BEAR" Roberge:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Marcus Brown.TV postponed....

So its the first monday of the month. We should be live this evening with our webshow at 6pm pacific.

However, it's not going to happen...for a few reasons.

Its Labor Day weekend. Nobody cares about skiing, and they care even less about listening to some dreadhead talk about it.

Also, Monday Night Football is it looks like we'll have to find a new time slot for the show.

Sorry to disappoint folks.

Keep your eyes peeled and locked onto or for further information on when we'll be back up and running!

Thanks to all those who have supported us so far in this endeavor. Really appreciate it!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

London to Liverpool, & Back!


Exactly 1 week ago from this moment now, I was preparing for a trip to London.  At this very moment, Terry Winter and myself are seated comfortably in London Heathrow airport, T-minus 2.5 hours until our bird launches for the West Coast of the US, scratching our heads a bit but generally enjoying this opportunity we've seized to attempt to be the best on the Globe at one thing:  Skiing on Water.

How are we doing, you might ask?  Well, we've done better.

Our spirits?  Maybe we're foolish, but they're still high....  Why?  Because we're not even close to done yet.

Terry Winter has notable titles to his name:
-National Champion: 1996
-2nd at Junior Worlds: 1996
-2nd at Junior Masters: 1997
-3rd Pro Tour Sacramento: 1999
-2nd World Cup Dubna, RUSSIA: 2004
-2nd World Cup Changshu, China: 2004
-Water Ski Mag Pro Slalom Shootout Champion: 2006
-2nd at Boardstock Last Man Standing: 2006 (best slalom event ever)
-2nd at Boardstock Last Man Standing: 2007

My point, you ask? - At least one of us has potential.  We've been there before....we'll be on top again....

So here we are, 2010....things are a bit rough.  But there are things to look forward to.  For instance, this past week....

Yeah, it has been rough....for us.  But for the sport, its quite a different story.  Amidst a Global economic recession, a flatlining past and a hailstorm of changes within the industry....Water Skiing is alive and well.  Why?  Because of events of the sort we just had the pleasure of experiencing, that's why.

Within 5 days time, we had the opportunity to ski 6 guaranteed rounds of pro events....3 in London at Princes Club (a fabulous idea might I add...a place where you can ski, ride the cable, grab a drink or some food at the clubhouse or simply sit back and watch the action with a cup of tea), and 3 up north in Wigan, just outside Liverpool at 3 Sisters Club.  The folks in Wigan took it a few steps beyond, trusting us crazies with 70 mph Go Karts and double barrel 12 gauge shotguns.  Fantastic stuff!!  Add that to all the events thus far this season (Moomba Masters, US Masters, Global Invitational, Malibu Open & Alizee Cup) and it turns out to be a really solid line up.  Very fortunate we are, us Pro Skiers.

The Future:
With things regarding the industry looking up, and water skiing in general making a pros have an opportunity.  We have a chance to push things to the next level.  Its time.  Its our only ever get one shot at this life...

Thats where Terry and I are right now.  Thats how we see it.  14 years ago we skied our first Pro Event:  High Point, North Carolina.  If fortune has it, we'll have another 14 years of Pro Events before we walk away.

I want to personally thank all the folks in this industry who have contributed to the experience, facilitated the successes, supported the skiers and fueled the passion.

Also, big thanks to my sponsors for keeping me going.....MasterCraft Boats, HO Skis, O'NEILL & Global Marine. You have kept me alive and I am ever grateful.

1 more event to go for the season.....Diablo Shores Pro am, Sept 17/18.

Stay tuned for more updates, stories, pics, vids, etc here at

Also, follow me at for updates from around the world on the latest happenings.


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